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When you have a blooming lawn, you also have a welcoming home. Achieving a stunning garden is only challenging when you don’t have assistance from an experienced landscaping professional – namely Matthew Landscaping. Luckily for those in Kingston, NY, I am here to help you enjoy a better, healthier, and lovelier yard. With my assistance, you will obtain an eye-catching yard that you will adore.

The Services I Provide

Lawn Care

Lawn Care
Routinely managing your lawn is essential if you want to achieve a lovely property. But mowing the grass, feeding the plants, watering the shrubbery, and eliminating weeds take time and effort. If you don't have enough time to accomplish the work yourself, my affordable lawn care service is ideal. Let me assist you in keeping your garden healthy. I assure you of top-notch results that will make your area look attractive.

Weed Cleaning

Weed Cleaning
Weeds are a menace. They dominate other plants and steal nutrients. You have to remove them from the soil by the roots. Are you tired of looking at pesky weeds growing all over the place? Do you want them gone once and for all? My yard maintenance service also includes weed cleaning assistance. I will use excellent tools to effectively free your yard from ragweed, dandelions, crabgrass, and quackgrass. 
Mulch Cleaning
Do you want your landscape's mulch to look beautiful and admirable all the time? My mulch cleaning service is what you need. I can remove any debris, weeds, sticks, twigs, leaves, and other elements to keep the spot clean. I can also rake the mulch to loosen any compacted areas. I will take up the old and replace it with new to ensure your plants always get the nutrients they need. Mulch is a great weed suppressant too!
New Landscaping
Every homeowner deserves to have an attractive yard outside their house. Have you always wanted to have a brilliant landscape but not quite sure how to achieve it? Why not book my quality landscaping service? I have the skills and experience to help you choose a great layout and design. I can also help you install new features, shrubberies, decors, and plant trees! Your landscape will be in safe hands with me.

Other Services

Other Services
Don't worry! I also offer a dependable tree service for your tree care, pruning, and removal needs. If you need to remove the dead leaves on your lawn, my leaves removal assistance will be perfect for you! If you want to plant some new flowers or plants, my seed planting service is a must. I also offer sprinkler cleanup for your irrigation system and wood fence installation services for the security and safety needs around your property.

Why Hire My Company?

Scheduling one of my dependable services won’t just give you a magnificent and well-cared-for landscape and yard. It will also free up time for you to spend on other matters at work and home. Instead of working on the lawn under the sun and tiring yourself, you can use your spare time to finish what you need to do or spend time with your family. With the precise specialist, you will always be in control of your garden and time.

How I Work

Once you contact me, I will be there at the prearranged time with the materials and supplies I need to accomplish the tasks you want me to do. Then, I will clear the area from debris and belongings carefully. I will work on your requirements detail by detail and make sure you are satisfied and happy with the outcome! With the use of my professional training and knowledge, you will soon have a glorious landscape.

Are you looking for an expert for your landscape and mulching needs in Kingston, NY? You’ve come to the right place. Matthew Landscaping is one of the leading landscapers in the locale. Turn to me for the ideal assistance you deserve!


by Walter B. Seymour on Matthew Landscaping
Impressive Landscaper!

I have always wanted to have a marvelous landscape for my home. After days of searching for a quality landscaping company, I bumped into this professional. I am so glad I booked their services. When they worked on my lawn, they were very prompt and keen on the details! They had all the tools and equipment too. I admire this specialist because they were open to my ideas and suggestions. Thank you very much for the gorgeous results. 

Matthew Landscaping
Address: Kingston, NY 12401
Phone: (845) 241-3600

  • Lawn Care
  • Weed Cleaning
  • Trimming
  • Mulch Cleaning
  • New Landscaping
  • Tree Service
  • Leaves Removal
  • Seed Planting
  • Sprinkler Cleanup
  • Wood Fence Installation

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